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Past Knit and Crochet projects January 30, 2012

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How I wish I have taken pictures of all knit and crochet projects I have given away in the past.  It is a crafters curse to be always giving away things they make ;-).  Here are a few projects I took pictures of and some that i have kept.


Welcome to Maia’s creative corner January 26, 2012

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Hello Everyone..knitters and crafters.  Welcome to my creative corner.  I would like to archive knitting projects that i have done in the past and will be doing in the future.  I picked up knitting 12 years ago during the early stages of my pregnancy with our 2nd child.  (my hubby and I now have 3)  I was put on early bedrest and i needed something to do.  Not that I did not have anything to do.  I was taking care of our eldest daughter who at that time was almost 2 yrs old.    So, i purchased a book called Knitting for Dummies and started the knitting journey.  Of course I got frustrated figuring out how to cast on, knit stitch, purl stitch and working with the needles until my fingers got tired.  But, I never gave up.  I kept on going.  Too lazy to check gauge in the beginning and i learned the hard way.   I am still  lazy to check gauge ;-).   Now, I am a happy knitter <3.  I find it very therapeutic.   I simply enjoy creating things and giving it to family and friends as gifts.   I hope I can pass it on to my daughters ages 14 and 7.  Our eldest showed interest and knitted her teacher a scarf in 5th grade but the interest died down.  Our son who is now12 tried as well at age 9 but got frustrated with it.   I still have yet to tackle making other things other than scarves, afghans, beanies, gloves and more scarves :-).  At the moment, I have just started a City Girl Infinity Scarf ( oh yes, another scarf).  Picked up a free pattern at  by Melanie Lok.

Started another scarf in a lovely magenta color.