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Welcome to Maia’s creative corner January 26, 2012

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Hello Everyone..knitters and crafters.  Welcome to my creative corner.  I would like to archive knitting projects that i have done in the past and will be doing in the future.  I picked up knitting 12 years ago during the early stages of my pregnancy with our 2nd child.  (my hubby and I now have 3)  I was put on early bedrest and i needed something to do.  Not that I did not have anything to do.  I was taking care of our eldest daughter who at that time was almost 2 yrs old.    So, i purchased a book called Knitting for Dummies and started the knitting journey.  Of course I got frustrated figuring out how to cast on, knit stitch, purl stitch and working with the needles until my fingers got tired.  But, I never gave up.  I kept on going.  Too lazy to check gauge in the beginning and i learned the hard way.   I am still  lazy to check gauge ;-).   Now, I am a happy knitter <3.  I find it very therapeutic.   I simply enjoy creating things and giving it to family and friends as gifts.   I hope I can pass it on to my daughters ages 14 and 7.  Our eldest showed interest and knitted her teacher a scarf in 5th grade but the interest died down.  Our son who is now12 tried as well at age 9 but got frustrated with it.   I still have yet to tackle making other things other than scarves, afghans, beanies, gloves and more scarves :-).  At the moment, I have just started a City Girl Infinity Scarf ( oh yes, another scarf).  Picked up a free pattern at  by Melanie Lok.

Started another scarf in a lovely magenta color.


4 Responses to “Welcome to Maia’s creative corner”

  1. Okay! So now I signed up, Mai to leave a comment 🙂 You really are very creative. I love that you chose magenta for the scarf color. Thanks also for letting us know the site for the free pattern, it is helpful. I’ll be reading more from you!

    • maiknits2 Says:

      Thx so much for checking it out, Monette. You are silly! You get inspired because you have the “crafty gal” in you as well. Check out your local knitting store around your area. It helps a lot when you have a resource to go back and forth when you have questions. i learned knitting by picking up needles and going at it. Trial and error. Best mentor is by learning from your mistakes. Check out library books too on knitting for beginners. Next thing you know you will be hooked. As for yarns, I am fortunate to have 3 local yarn stores in my area. They have the yummiest looking yarn and they can be pricey! 😦 However, there is also a Michael’s craft store where you can get cheap yarns. Practice on those first before you head towards the luxury yarns 🙂

  2. Rosanna (Ann) Lardizabal Says:

    Hi, Maia! Such an interesting site! My daughter Jessica has always looked forward to learning how to knit, and we both saw your finished products. We loved them all, especially the ponchos and stuffed bunnies! Please, please, we’ll be waiting for instructions. Thank you for sharing to us such an awesome talent!

    • maiknits2 Says:

      Thx, Ann! You and your daughter can definitely do the poncho. its a beginner’s project. You got to learn how to cast on and do the knit stitch first though 🙂 There are lots of knitting books out there that are easy to follow. Go on youtube and check out some tutorials. I can email you the pattern for the poncho as well. As for the bunny, It is worked on crochet needles. I bought an Amigurumi 2 book by Ana Paula Rimoli. The books has general guidelines on how to do the projects. Its very easy to follow. Enjoy!

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