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Another scarf done February 6, 2012

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City Girl Infinity Scarf. Knitted using 10 us circular needles, 2 balls of Caron Sheep(ish) yarn in Magenta

Yay!  Finished the city girl infinity scarf, finally!  A very easy pattern to follow.  I however, unravelled the thing twice. 😦   My youngest girl accidentally tripped on my knitting project and stitches came off the needles.  The second time, I was spaced out and did not remember the row I was on.  Luckily, its quick and easy to make.  I get asked where I bought it.  Get knitting needles and make one, I say :-)!   Log on and get your free City girl infinity scarf pattern.

Yes, I am knitting more of these.  You all know what you will be getting the next Christmas!  Haha!

Knitting another infinity scarf 🙂


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