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Light and Lacy Spring Hat March 13, 2012

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When my BFF, Lou H. posted a pix of herself cruising around New York City and sporting a nice beanie on her head, I had the itch to knit a beanie myself.  I simply enjoy making handmade things to wear.  I browsed online for a slouchy beanie pattern and the Light and Lacy Spring Hat by Rachel Gough caught my eyes.  Its a fun project and can be easily knitted while waiting in the car for kiddos to get off from school or soccer activities.  I knitted one for my daughter and started another for me this time.

Blocked the beanie on a plate 🙂

New Spring beanie for N 🙂


2 Responses to “Light and Lacy Spring Hat”

  1. I LOVE IT BFF!!!! Megan is getting into Beanies nowadays…she would love this one too.

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