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the Zen walk March 26, 2012

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When its cold and dreary outside esp. on the weekends, its always fun to be lazy and snuggle up in bed in your most comfy flannel sheets, coverings and stay in there feeling toasty and trying to make it last for forever.  However, you need to get up as laying in bed for a long time isn’t comfy in the back.  (Sign of getting old). Ha! 🙂  The Tseng family decided to go out for a walk in our backyard trail.  The kids contemplated in the beginning if it was a good thing.  I also thought it would be better to sit on the couch and knit some more.  But, alas  we all got motivated and went for a walk.  Ahhh…the beauty of the outside is stunning.  Dont take your surroundings for granted.  After it has rained, the air smelled so crisp and clean.  No one was outside.  Just us and the birds chirping a beautiful melody.  Wish i had brought with me my camera instead of my old iPhone.  But, i am still amazed how natural beauty can be captured without using fancy gadgets.  Here are some photos of our walk.

The happy walker

Walking towards the other side of the bridge

Stop and Listen to the birds sing their song. Ooohh..was that a mockingjay? Ha! 🙂

Walk through the bridge and listen to the sound of running water underneath

Walk through the park

On the way Home



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