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Knitting bowl and my new cast on project June 5, 2012

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How i would love to get a knitting bowl or yarn bowl as others call it.  It’s a decorative piece you can have lying around the house with your knitting project and ball of yarn in it.  Knitting yarn bowls look like this.  However, I improvised in using an old orchid pot that has been neglected on the side for a long time.   No plant nor knick knacks claimed it.  Hence, my new knitting bowl.  🙂

My new (old) knitting bowl 🙂

My Magrathea is kept on the side, hibernating for couple of weeks.  Started my Spring Garden Tee by Alana Dakos.  I originally used Tweedy Pima but frogged it as the needle i used for gauge went all the way down to US 2 from a 6.  The knit became stiff so i completely changed yarn to silk bamboo.  Ohh..the drape is beautiful and the yarn sooo soft.  I hope i can finish this soon as the weather has become super nice.  Sunny days and 3 more days of school!  How great is that?!

Spring garden tee in progress

Love the detail on the sleeves


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  1. maiknits2 Says:

    Thanks for liking my post, weekend knitter. Will hover around your blog too.

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