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Too many WIPs? Nah! March 2, 2013

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Why is it that many knitters tend to start a project and get going with another one when the first one isn’t close to getting off the neeldles yet?  I said to myself I wouldn’t be like that at all.!  I was very much at peace with one project ONLY, but lately I have been antsy to start another.  The problem is that the LYS we have here sells beautiful yarns and each yarn seems to be calling your name and be made into something special.  At the start of the new year, i said to myself no going to yarn store unless 1) i ran out of yarn and 2) project is completely done.  Fail!  I could only handle close to a month of not going.  Yes, i browsed, touched and squeezed those yarns.  Can’t help but buy 😉  I think its better than any other vices.

Aidez is still patiently waiting to get done.  Here’s my progress ->

Left front started

Left front started

I am just needing some big nudge to finish it.  No worries…it will get done.

Another project that surfaced after a long hibernation is my  Drops design bolero  which I started last summer?  Well, its being worked on again.

Beautiful pattern!

Beautiful pattern!


 The above is not my photo but Garnstudio’s.  I am hoping to finish this soon as I plan to use it on my trip to Southeast Asia.  Yes, its blistering hot there, but when you get indoors you will get chilled as the airconditiong is cranked to the max.
Now the yarns, 2 of which I recently purchased and 1 stashed will be made into something special.
Blue Heron yarn in pink pearl

Blue Heron yarn in pink pearl

The yarn above is so pretty in the most beach like color.  It reminds me of sand dollars with its pink and sand hues.  I am using this to make the Wave shawl by Kristen Finlay.  Something I can see myself wearing during the summer nights when temp drops to a balmy 60 degs F.  Love being in California.

Another project waiting to cast on is the Azzus shawl by Emma Fassio.  Yarn I chose for this one is the one below.

Tosh Merino LIght in Jade

Tosh Merino LIght in Jade

And this stashed Tosh Merino light in Saffron will be gifted to Ravelry friend in Manila.  This is the same yarn I used to make my featherweight cardigan with.  One skein left from that project.

Tosh Merino light in Saffron

Tosh Merino light in Saffron

Too many works in progress?  I think not.  This is nothing compared to other crazy knitters out there. LOL


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