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Been gone so long November 5, 2013

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Many months have passed since last post and knitting projects are where I left off.  My Aidez has not gotten any bigger.  Azzu’s shawl has changed yarns for the upteenth time.  And my summer bolero has no changes to it.  Sigh!   I have been so busy in the past months that knitting and blogging are both not in my radar.  What have I been upto you say?


I have been to the Philippines in the end of March for only a week long visit to see my Mom.  I was blessed to see my parents and my relatives again.  The visit was very short but sweet.  Here are some pix of my travel.

DSCN0828 - Copy

DSCN0857 - Copy



DSCN0887 - Copy

Taken at the outdoor market


DSCN0921 - Copy



DSCN0931 - Copy

Posing at the rice fields


DSCN0979 - Copy

DSCN0981 - Copy

just like Yarn Bombing but with some rope 🙂

The pictures above captured two different and beautiful worlds in one country.  The top most ones were taken on the northern part of the Philippines which was very rural and the latter more modern ones were in Makati which is the financial district in Manila. 

We also had a European getaway in the summer and had a marvelous time. 

IMG_0917 IMG_0886 IMG_0844 IMG_0789 IMG_0726 IMG_0646


the biggest job of all continues.   I managed to tackle the driving around to softball, tennis, violin and piano, then cooking, laundry, homework, kissing boo-boos, and being a referee to 3 kiddos.  I must say Moms rock!  We tend to pick up where we left off and keep going and going 🙂

Yeah, some KNITTING here and there but not really….

My Azzu’s shawl has gotten bigger…needing to bind off already!  I take this project with me wherever i go.  Here’s where it is right now.



Yes, my husband took a new job hence the big move to the East Coast!  We scrambled to get a home, find school, and getting the  house packed before the move.  We had very mixed emotions leaving our beautiful town in California but, we agreed in taking on opportunity when it comes your way because you might regret not knowing what it would have been like if you did not.  So far, the move has been smooth.  We now have settled in for 3 months.  Kids are all happy and I am getting to know new cool moms to hang out with.


all packed and loaded up

all packed and loaded up

Our new home

First time seeing their new home

First time seeing their new home

Here’s also for me….Happy belated blogversary!!!  LOL…its been only 10 months late.  haha

So there…that’s what kept me busy!  Next post will be on KAL with a Ravelry friend, Edwina!