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Beach Top and Gemini February 25, 2014

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I did not think I would knit here in Florida.  We arrived here in the heat of the summer and I put away all my yarn things and such in the back closet knowing it would take some time for me to start knitting again.  A Ravelry friend Edwina and I thought about knit along and chose the Cap Sleeve Lattice top by Purl Soho.  Its a fun a easy knit.  I finished it in no time.  Loved it!  Its my “go to” top when the weather became more tolerable.  I dont mind the heat…its the humidity that makes it worst.  Sticky and sweaty all day long and the hair…oh my!  need not to say more!  But, as summer came to an end…the breeze came along and all throughout winter months is VERY nice.  No complaints at all.  Here are a few shots of my Beach top (Cap sleeve lattice top).  It is something you would find at an Anthropologie store 🙂

_MG_0599 _MG_0608 _MG_0611 _MG_0613

Then Edwina and I thought of another KAL (Knit Along).  The Gemini.  We started in December and was given until end of January.  I said “no problem..Ill finish that for sure!”  FAIL!  I still have it on top of my dresser begging to get done.  (If it only could talk)  Of course, Edwina finished hers and it looked lovely!  Here’s mine.


Half a top, anyone? haha


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