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The Art of Art Journaling March 6, 2014

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Front page of my art journal

I am new to this craft and I find it so therapeutic.  Anything with paints and water colors as a child made me so happy.  I am not sure why I did not take any art lessons.  Keeping a journal is nice but sometimes you need to make it more interesting.  I find playing with colors and making your own art work make it more fun.  No rules, really!! Hey its your own journal.  I started off with an old notebook that has been laying around the house.  I got some gesso, some old acrylic paint tucked away in the garage from kids’ previous school projects, water colors, and kids’ crayons and went to town using them.  Here are the pages I have come up with so far.


IMG_2459 IMG_2458

IMG_2505 IMG_2501

If you are interested on starting one, I have chanced upon this site -> which will surely get you started.


2 Responses to “The Art of Art Journaling”

  1. maiknits2 Says:

    Thx for liking my post y’all! I truly enjoy this newfound art journaling experience. I’m a newbie so bear with me. I get so inspired by an amazing artist who does art journaling and her works are incredible. You may want to check her out ->

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