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Handmade art journal made out of brownie box May 27, 2014

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I stumbled upon a blog on making your own art journal using materials you can easily find at home. Cereal boxes, brownie and granola cartons are used to make the cover and pages. Here’s the link -> jennibellie channel on YouTube. I got inspired to make my own and here’s what I can up with. Thanks jennibellie for the inspiration!!









The inner child May 6, 2014

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Who says adults can’t play? When i create in my art journal, I unleash the inner child in me. A 15 min a
day put aside for creativity is so cathartic and lasts a whole day. Go ahead and try it. Unleash that inner child in you through art!



Art Journaling at Starbucks May 3, 2014

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Coffee shop art journaling is doable and therapeutic. All you need is your journal, some gelatos, sharpie pen, a little space and your cup of latte. I got inspired with this page from yesterday’s visit to the Dali Museum with my daughter. We both had a fabulous time admiring art. Some were a bit out there for my taste but the whole experience was enjoyable. I tried doing my most Picasso like art mixed with zentangles. The end piece was good enough for me. I’m sure I would add more to it later. Remember, in art journaling there aren’t any rules. Be creative and enjoy the process. Here’s how my page turned out. I hope you like it. Thanks for dropping by!