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The inner child May 6, 2014

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Who says adults can’t play? When i create in my art journal, I unleash the inner child in me. A 15 min a
day put aside for creativity is so cathartic and lasts a whole day. Go ahead and try it. Unleash that inner child in you through art!



Art Journaling at Starbucks May 3, 2014

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Coffee shop art journaling is doable and therapeutic. All you need is your journal, some gelatos, sharpie pen, a little space and your cup of latte. I got inspired with this page from yesterday’s visit to the Dali Museum with my daughter. We both had a fabulous time admiring art. Some were a bit out there for my taste but the whole experience was enjoyable. I tried doing my most Picasso like art mixed with zentangles. The end piece was good enough for me. I’m sure I would add more to it later. Remember, in art journaling there aren’t any rules. Be creative and enjoy the process. Here’s how my page turned out. I hope you like it. Thanks for dropping by!





Song of the day art journal. April 27, 2014

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I love Coldplay and l listen to their songs a lot may it be in the car or working out. Here’s a journal page I made with “Fix You” lyrics around my hands. I have used gelatos on the background. My first time playing with them and found it so much fun! The heart flowers were my drawings on a scrapbook paper and glued onto the page. The hand imprints were impressions using acrylic paint. I enjoyed doing this page. Hope you like it. Thanks for dropping by!



Lovely Day art journal page April 16, 2014

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I had fun with this one. I first painted the background blue. Made clouds using my new gelli plate. Cut up a pix of a lady from a mag and doodled dots on her dress. Used some stencils and made messy black marks on the page. Messy art is good :-). Why don’t you make a lovely day page? Thanks again for dropping by!


Counting Stars April 7, 2014

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Art Journal newbie March 31, 2014

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A months worth of journal pages. Playing with paints, no rules, no plans…just going along with what comes out of my creative juices 😉 Its so much fun and relaxing!


Fun doodling March 20, 2014

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Here’s another fun doodle! I did not bring any of my acrylic paints to Miami. I only brought with me a notebook and sharpie and doodled away. This type of doodling has a name. its called Zentangles – didnt even know such word exists. There are lots of patterns on Pinterest. Fun stuff. Hope you’ll find it enjoyable. I find it relaxing! 🙂