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Live life outside May 21, 2012

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Our household is always packed with activities during the weekend.  The moment we wake up, we gear ourselves with all of the kids sports equipment, sunblock, sun hats, visors, snacks and our lounging chairs…pack them all up in our car and bring  them all to our kids’ games.  We typically have soccer to watch and 2 softball and tee ball to enjoy.  When we get back home from all days sporting events, we simply enjoy hanging out in our backyard.  My husband and 3 kids tackle the weeds in our slope while I plant flowers in all my flower pots and tend to our vegetable garden which is happily thriving.  The weather has been incredibly wonderful.  We love to make simple bbq and hang out.  Our youngest daughter’s biggest highlight is to be able to sleep in the tent in the backyard.  Simple pleasures in the outdoors = great quality time with family.


Camping in the backyard

Magrathea a WIP

our sanctuary

Spring bunny hanging out with petunias 😉

Ribbit 😉


Sprinkles’ shadow on the palm of my hand

Planted Tomatoes (6 varieties), eggplants, zucchinis, and fava beans.