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Mixed Media challenge with Mou June 8, 2014

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I frequent the Whim So Doodle in St. Petersburg, FL especially when the kids’ school ended. Our youngest little one enjoys crafting with me. At our visit the lady at the store was so helpful in giving creative tips and has recommended me to follow Mou Saha who is a media mixed artist who lives nearby. I googled and found her blog inspiring especially I love to play with my paints, stamps and just being creative. Anyway, I am joining her Mixed media challenge and here is what I came up with. I used golden gesso and went over some acrylic paints using a gelli plate. I then sketched a pix of a girl and used watercolor on the face. Those bubbles on the page were doodles using Faber castell gelato. I also stenciled around the page with basic acrylic paint. There are 4 mediums I’ve used which were gesso, acrylic, watercolor and gelato. No rules. I went ahead and got what creative juices I’ve got and just let them all out. I enjoyed it and hope you would give it a try and join the media mixed challenge.



Handmade art journal made out of brownie box May 27, 2014

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I stumbled upon a blog on making your own art journal using materials you can easily find at home. Cereal boxes, brownie and granola cartons are used to make the cover and pages. Here’s the link -> jennibellie channel on YouTube. I got inspired to make my own and here’s what I can up with. Thanks jennibellie for the inspiration!!









Art Journaling at Starbucks May 3, 2014

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Coffee shop art journaling is doable and therapeutic. All you need is your journal, some gelatos, sharpie pen, a little space and your cup of latte. I got inspired with this page from yesterday’s visit to the Dali Museum with my daughter. We both had a fabulous time admiring art. Some were a bit out there for my taste but the whole experience was enjoyable. I tried doing my most Picasso like art mixed with zentangles. The end piece was good enough for me. I’m sure I would add more to it later. Remember, in art journaling there aren’t any rules. Be creative and enjoy the process. Here’s how my page turned out. I hope you like it. Thanks for dropping by!





Lovely Day art journal page April 16, 2014

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I had fun with this one. I first painted the background blue. Made clouds using my new gelli plate. Cut up a pix of a lady from a mag and doodled dots on her dress. Used some stencils and made messy black marks on the page. Messy art is good :-). Why don’t you make a lovely day page? Thanks again for dropping by!


Counting Stars April 7, 2014

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Fun doodling March 20, 2014

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Here’s another fun doodle! I did not bring any of my acrylic paints to Miami. I only brought with me a notebook and sharpie and doodled away. This type of doodling has a name. its called Zentangles – didnt even know such word exists. There are lots of patterns on Pinterest. Fun stuff. Hope you’ll find it enjoyable. I find it relaxing! 🙂



Rainy day art journal March 14, 2014

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Rainy day art journal

This took me 15 mins from start to finish. Poured out feelings about something on the pages which made me feel a lot better.