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Always knitting…even in Asia. July 20, 2012

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I haven’t entered a post lately.  We had so much going on between our short yet long  travel to Asia, coming back to a family reunion with 25 + family in town (that will be my next post) and the kids’ summer activities.  The  trip to Singapore was a long haul – a 22 hr travel time, 18 hrs up in the air.  Thought I’d be able to finish knitting my Summer bolero being on such a long flight, but, unfortunately I wasn’t able to do so.  The on and off turbulent flight got me hanging onto my seat for dear life >,< which made me unable to concentrate on the lacey pattern.  It amazed me how my hubby was able to sleep like a babe in dreamland during our flight.  Me on the other hand could not sleep on planes.  I stayed up reading Time Traveller’s wife by Audrey Niffenegger.  Watched Hunger games twice and 3 foreign films (thank goodness for subtitles).   We finally got to Singapore and being my first time there, I did not know what to expect.  The City was insanely clean ( remember chewing gum is banned in the country).  It is modern, safe and efficient.  People are genuinely nice and very helpful. There was no traffic!  Why is that?  I continued to knit as we got there.  Knitted by the pool and at the wee hours of the morning because of jet lag.  I also knitted on the way back home and still havent finished the project.  It seemed to me i have knitted so much on this trip but did not make a dent.  Anyhow, here are some pix on the trip.  Wish we could have explored a little longer, but so glad to be home with the kids.  I will post my FO (finished object in knitters world) when it gets done.  When will that be?  I think I need to search for a new project!  Ha!

Lacey bolero

I got so many stares while knitting and chillaxin by the pool. knitting is not a thing to do in this part of the world…it gets too hot 😉

Awning structures along a shopping strip on Orchard Rd.

of course, Starbucks is everywhere (btw, i am underneath that structure above. )

But, we dont have these here 🙂

at the food court.

At the museum

In our hotel room

On top of Marina Bay Sands

The Flyer beats the London Eye as the biggest ferris wheel in the world