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Mixed Media challenge with Mou June 8, 2014

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I frequent the Whim So Doodle in St. Petersburg, FL especially when the kids’ school ended. Our youngest little one enjoys crafting with me. At our visit the lady at the store was so helpful in giving creative tips and has recommended me to follow Mou Saha who is a media mixed artist who lives nearby. I googled and found her blog inspiring especially I love to play with my paints, stamps and just being creative. Anyway, I am joining her Mixed media challenge and here is what I came up with. I used golden gesso and went over some acrylic paints using a gelli plate. I then sketched a pix of a girl and used watercolor on the face. Those bubbles on the page were doodles using Faber castell gelato. I also stenciled around the page with basic acrylic paint. There are 4 mediums I’ve used which were gesso, acrylic, watercolor and gelato. No rules. I went ahead and got what creative juices I’ve got and just let them all out. I enjoyed it and hope you would give it a try and join the media mixed challenge.



Handmade art journal made out of brownie box May 27, 2014

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I stumbled upon a blog on making your own art journal using materials you can easily find at home. Cereal boxes, brownie and granola cartons are used to make the cover and pages. Here’s the link -> jennibellie channel on YouTube. I got inspired to make my own and here’s what I can up with. Thanks jennibellie for the inspiration!!









The inner child May 6, 2014

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Who says adults can’t play? When i create in my art journal, I unleash the inner child in me. A 15 min a
day put aside for creativity is so cathartic and lasts a whole day. Go ahead and try it. Unleash that inner child in you through art!



Gemini in the works March 10, 2014

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Gemini in the works

A Ravelry friend chose this nice top for a KAL and I am still slowly getting it done. I’m getting there! Magic knitting needles get it done!!! ‚ö°ūüĆÄūüéÜ


Beach Top and Gemini February 25, 2014

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I did not think I would knit here in Florida.¬† We arrived here in the heat of the summer and I put away all my yarn things and such in the back closet knowing it would take some time for me to start knitting again.¬† A Ravelry friend Edwina¬†and I thought about knit along and chose the Cap Sleeve Lattice¬†top by Purl Soho.¬† Its a fun a easy knit.¬† I finished it in no time.¬† Loved it!¬† Its my “go to” top when the weather became more tolerable.¬† I dont mind the heat…its the humidity that makes it worst.¬† Sticky and sweaty all day long and the hair…oh my!¬† need not to say more!¬† But, as summer came to an end…the breeze came along and all throughout winter months is VERY nice.¬† No complaints at all.¬† Here are a few shots of my Beach top (Cap sleeve lattice top).¬† It is something you would find at an Anthropologie store ūüôā

_MG_0599 _MG_0608 _MG_0611 _MG_0613

Then Edwina and I thought of another KAL (Knit Along).¬† The Gemini.¬† We started in December and was given until end of January.¬† I said “no problem..Ill finish that for sure!”¬† FAIL!¬† I still have it on top of my dresser¬†begging to get done.¬† (If it only could talk)¬† Of course, Edwina finished hers and it looked lovely!¬† Here’s mine.


Half a top, anyone? haha


Been gone so long November 5, 2013

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Many months¬†have passed since last post and knitting projects are where I left off.¬† My Aidez has not gotten any bigger.¬† Azzu’s shawl has changed yarns for the upteenth time.¬† And my summer bolero has no changes to it.¬† Sigh!¬†¬†¬†I have been so busy in the past months that¬†knitting and blogging are both not¬†in my radar.¬† What have I been upto you say?


I have been to the Philippines in the end of March for only a week long visit to see my Mom.  I was blessed to see my parents and my relatives again.  The visit was very short but sweet.  Here are some pix of my travel.

DSCN0828 - Copy

DSCN0857 - Copy



DSCN0887 - Copy

Taken at the outdoor market


DSCN0921 - Copy



DSCN0931 - Copy

Posing at the rice fields


DSCN0979 - Copy

DSCN0981 - Copy

just like Yarn Bombing but with some rope ūüôā

The pictures above captured two different and beautiful worlds in one country.  The top most ones were taken on the northern part of the Philippines which was very rural and the latter more modern ones were in Makati which is the financial district in Manila. 

We also had a European getaway in the summer and had a marvelous time. 

IMG_0917 IMG_0886 IMG_0844 IMG_0789 IMG_0726 IMG_0646


the biggest job of all continues.¬† ¬†I managed to tackle the driving around to softball, tennis, violin and piano, then cooking, laundry, homework, kissing boo-boos, and being a referee to 3 kiddos.¬† I must say Moms rock!¬† We tend to pick up where we left off and keep going and going ūüôā

Yeah, some KNITTING here and there but not really….

My Azzu’s shawl¬†has gotten bigger…needing to bind off already!¬† I take this project with me wherever i go. ¬†Here’s where it is right now.



Yes, my husband took a new job hence the big move to the East Coast!  We scrambled to get a home, find school, and getting the  house packed before the move.  We had very mixed emotions leaving our beautiful town in California but, we agreed in taking on opportunity when it comes your way because you might regret not knowing what it would have been like if you did not.  So far, the move has been smooth.  We now have settled in for 3 months.  Kids are all happy and I am getting to know new cool moms to hang out with.


all packed and loaded up

all packed and loaded up

Our new home

First time seeing their new home

First time seeing their new home

Here’s also for me….Happy belated blogversary!!!¬† LOL…its been only 10 months late.¬† haha

So there…that’s what kept me busy!¬† Next post will be on KAL with a Ravelry friend, Edwina!


Knitting my own Aidez February 28, 2013

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There are about¬†8000 knitters out there who have¬†queued up Cirilia Rose’s Aidez¬† on Ravelry and 2500 others who have knitted their Aidez.¬† Isn’t that amazing?¬† Its a global knitting gig ūüôā¬† I am inspired to knit it too.¬† The pattern is so lovely and easy to follow.¬† I am however very finicky with yarn choices.¬† At first i have picked up worsted weight yarn just because i could not find a bulky yarn that grabbed my attention at the yarn store.¬† I swatched, checked gauge, played with yarn and started knitting Aidez on double stranded yarn.¬† Eck…too rug like.¬† The material became too stiff.¬† Back to swatching again after ripping it out.¬† I tried knitting with the worsted weight, single stranded this time. went down 2 sizes with needles and followed a pattern one size up to get XS.¬† Frogged it again.¬† Not liking the drape.¬† Oh no…hope this is not a sign that i would be knitting and frogging the whole entire project.¬† I have¬†finally¬†chosen to knit¬†my Aidez in Cascade Eco + in the most delicious looking purple.¬† Keeping my fingers crossed all will¬†end well.¬† Below is a pix of the pattern¬†posted on Flickr.¬†

I think I can do this!¬† Hmmmm….I know i can ūüôā

Here is pix of what i have knitted and frogged earlier.
double stranded worsted wt.
 And here is a pix of what  i am knitting my Aidez with-> Cascade Eco+ in purple.
The back part of my Aidez
The back is done…moving on to the Left front.¬†¬†Too slow!¬† I believe i will finish this by Christmas.¬† At the rate i’m going, i will be awarded best “snail” knitter.
The back of Aidez
Loving those cables

Loving those cables

I should have joined a KAL.  Makes me knit quicker.  I guess there is no need to rush, right?