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Knitting my own Aidez February 28, 2013

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There are about 8000 knitters out there who have queued up Cirilia Rose’s Aidez  on Ravelry and 2500 others who have knitted their Aidez.  Isn’t that amazing?  Its a global knitting gig 🙂  I am inspired to knit it too.  The pattern is so lovely and easy to follow.  I am however very finicky with yarn choices.  At first i have picked up worsted weight yarn just because i could not find a bulky yarn that grabbed my attention at the yarn store.  I swatched, checked gauge, played with yarn and started knitting Aidez on double stranded yarn.  Eck…too rug like.  The material became too stiff.  Back to swatching again after ripping it out.  I tried knitting with the worsted weight, single stranded this time. went down 2 sizes with needles and followed a pattern one size up to get XS.  Frogged it again.  Not liking the drape.  Oh no…hope this is not a sign that i would be knitting and frogging the whole entire project.  I have finally chosen to knit my Aidez in Cascade Eco + in the most delicious looking purple.  Keeping my fingers crossed all will end well.  Below is a pix of the pattern posted on Flickr. 

I think I can do this!  Hmmmm….I know i can 🙂

Here is pix of what i have knitted and frogged earlier.
double stranded worsted wt.
 And here is a pix of what  i am knitting my Aidez with-> Cascade Eco+ in purple.
The back part of my Aidez
The back is done…moving on to the Left front.  Too slow!  I believe i will finish this by Christmas.  At the rate i’m going, i will be awarded best “snail” knitter.
The back of Aidez
Loving those cables

Loving those cables

I should have joined a KAL.  Makes me knit quicker.  I guess there is no need to rush, right?